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SoFlo Fitness and Wellness strives to create relationships that produce results. We have assembled a vast team of fitness and wellness professionals in South Florida who share our vision. We are problem solvers for individuals, groups, employers and communities. The ability to customize solutions while optimizing time and maximizing convenience for ANYONE, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME has been the distinguishing factor in the companies and clients continued success.

The fitness industry is a vast and complex world where fads and fanatics rule. We will steer you in the right direction. Our professionals are experienced and qualified – we guarantee their integrity and credentials. We have extensive experience in listening to individuals and groups and finding the right course of action the first time.

SoFlo Fitness and Wellness

Our Mission

Being healthy and fit is more than just exercise. Physical fitness training is certainly critical, but it’s only one of several steps necessary for comprehensive wellness. Diet, routine, work environment and how one handles stress are equally important. At SoFlo Fitness and Wellness we understand that life is complicated and that each client brings a unique set of personal circumstances. We want to know about you before we make any recommendations. Our goal is to identify the most realistic wellness strategy for you while accommodating your lifestyle and personal preferences.

We are not just trainers, instructors & therapists, but health and wellness professionals committed to helping you feel and look your best – working with ANYONE, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME.


SoFlo Fitness and Wellness is always looking for qualified professionals.


Above average pay.
Constant flow of clients.
Work when and where you want.
Do what you do best, we handle the rest.

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